RBD Redux and Double Helix Water

24 03 2011

My wife just pointed out that I really should be keeping a journal of my episodes and experience with RBD. She’s right, of course, as usual.

I was diagnosed with RBD a couple of years ago after a night at the sleep clinic, and was put on Clonazapam. It seems like that is what doctors do … look up a disease or syndrome, find the latest recommended medication, and put you right on it. Since then, not one doctor has asked me about it … they just keep refilling the prescription and send me home. No tests, no research, no nothing.

The results of this treatment have been unremarkable. I still have episodes, and they became sufficiently unpredictable that I finally had to move to sleeping on a futon on the floor so that I don’t strike anybody, and don’t injure myself. I almost broke my foot one night when I slept too near the foot of the bed and gave the leg of the bed a good swift kick, so had to move myself to where there is nothing I can kick or hit accidentally … for those who don’t know, RBD, or REM Behavior Disorder, means that I act out my dreams physically, sometimes including talking and yelling in the middle of the night. I’m never aware of these episodes, but they can be disconcerting to anyone who is trying to sleep nearby.

Notable episodes are few and far between, but they do happen … and surely there is a trigger. Something I ate, something I did … maybe post traumatic stress (I was a medic in Vietnam oh so many years ago), maybe stress. Maybe, according to the literature, lesions in the brain stem. Maybe maybe maybe, yet … RBD is listed as the most uncommon of a variety of parasomnia conditions, so nobody seems to be doing a lot of research on it.

So I started doing my own.

Two weeks ago, while attending a conference at sea, I encountered Dr. Shui Yin Lo, who I’d met a couple of years earlier just before my initial diagnosis. Dr. Lo is a qigong practitioner who is doing experiments with what he calls double-helix water. In Chinese medicine, optimum health entails maintaining a dynamic balance between the yin and yang meridians in the body. Nobody has ever been able to actually identify what qi is, even though acupuncturists have demonstrated the effectiveness of stimulating or blocking qi, and they have been doing it for as much as three thousand years. Dr. Lo theorizes that qi and meridians are related to the flow of water through the body. So I’m doing my own experiments, as part of a broader study that Dr. Lo is doing on the general efficacy of double helix water. To do so, I’m also cutting down on the clonazepam, and will soon be back to ground zero, with no medications.

The night before I started drinking double helix water twice a day (morning and before bedtime), I had an episode of RBD behavior. I smashed my fist into the bulkhead beside my bed on the ship where the conference was being held. No injury, but I did wake myself up. Then I started drinking the water, and twice had infrared scans before and after drinking 6 ounces of the water.  There were marked changes in the before and after pictures, enough to convince me to continue with the experiment.

I’ve been down to half a mg of clonazepam for a week now, and last night, for the first time (according to my wife) yelled in my sleep. I do remember dreaming and half waking to realize that my arms were waving around, but it was a gentle, unremarkable dream. Soon, I’ll try sleeping without the clonazepam, and will continue drinking the double helix water and doing qigong exercises.

If I can balance my own qi and stop the RBD activities, maybe I can end the maybe maybe maybe. Maybe there are ways to heal the syndrome rather than just accepting living with it.




2 responses

23 01 2013
Yogi S.

Don, I’m trying to find solutions to this as well since RBD not treated could lead to Parkinson’s. How is your progress with double helix water?

23 01 2013

Hello … I did not pursue the double helix water, and am now back on a low dose of clonazapam. However, my episodes seem to be less frequent. An fMRI suggested that I may not be on a path towards Parkinsons, so I am pursuing other alternatives, such as energy and dream work and possibly even Shamanism. All the studies I read about never talk about new treatment options, and very few talk about the disruption RBD can cause in the home environment, so there’s still a lot of work to be done in the field. And unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), only a very small percentage of the population is known to suffer from RBD.

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