The Big RBD Study

22 05 2011

This week, I’m joining a study for folks with ideopathic RBD. The purpose of the study is to help determine whether there is a predictable correlation between RBD and the later development of Parkinson’s Disease. Tuesday, I will have an MRI, Tuesday night a sleep study, and Wednesday, a lumbar puncture. By the end of it all, I hope to have a better picture of my own RBD, and hope that it remains ideopathic (with no association to known diseases or conditions).

I’ve been quite for the most part, but last night was an exception. I jumped out of bed and scared my wife out of her wits, then I moved to the couch and had very strange dreams … dreams of going to a hospital and being lost, having a hard time getting attention from the right people because it seems like there is nothing wrong… Maybe I’m just subconsciously looking forward to Tuesday, when I enter the RBD study in Houston. But I’m also looking forward to the day when somebody finds out what triggers RBD episodes, and how to avoid future episodes.

So what triggered this one? I’m visiting friends who are into raw foods. Everything is very healthy, but maybe there is some food combination, or some ingredient that doesn’t agree with me? I was feeling gassy before going to sleep, so maybe the internal intestinal rumblings were the trigger? Also, my host is a healer, and we discussed RBD during the day. The discussion focused on dreaming and the need to resolve deep issues, so maybe some of those issues were coming to the surface, since we’d been discussing them earlier in the day. Maybe it was the bit of a sunburn that I got walking along the headlands on a supposedly foggy day.

Anyway, it is a night that is good to have behind me. I welcome the morning light. Today, I begin a journey that leads me deeper into my exploration of RBD.




One response

9 10 2014
Laura Sherrill

I would like to know what happened with your study in Houston.

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