About Don Child

I have grown up with the luxury of knowing that I will always be a Child, so life is a process of becoming, and there is no single desination that says “this is where I am, now that I’m a grown-up.” My late father, Bob Child, was the same way … he published his memoirs under the title, “My Life as a Child.”

I’m a poet and a writer. I ama a health coach. I do technical writing for a living, including everything from proposals to on-line help systems. I’m also a philosopher, a healer, an erstwhile musician, an environmentalist who thinks that sustainability should be first thought in everyone’s mind. That’s how I define myself.

Others tend to define people by where they’ve been and what they’ve accomplished. Okay, I have a BA in Humanities from Colorado State University, a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from Antioch University (the MACW program was in London), and a Ph.D. in Natural Health from Clayton College of Natural Health. I was born at the Stanford Medical Center, but grew up in Colorado, spent two years in the Army (drafted, I was a conscientious objector and ended up as an infantry medic in the jungles of Vietnam, although I refused to carry a weapon), five years in Alaska (Aleutians, Anchorage, Valdez, Denali State Park), and three or four years in England. Oh, yes, and don’t forget over 20 years in Hawaii, where I now live. (Watch for me playing as a party guest in an extra  role in next year’s independent feature movie about Hawaii’s Princess Kaiulani, the Last Princess — working title).

My family — I found my wife, Wyn, in England back in 1980. Our son Tristan is in Japan at the moment, but hopes to forge his own life on the East Coast, which happens to be where all my ancestors came from (Andover, Roxbury — this is back pre-Revolution — New York City — Murray Hill is named after one of my ancestors– Pennsylvania –old Quaker stock). So no wonder I cringe when I see people wanting to resolve International differences by using military might. Military might is equivalent to moral failure, in my mind. How could anyone possibly want to dominate, control, vanquish, their fellow human being. Every human is my flesh and blood (not just my five siblings and their families, along with cousins, aunts and uncles, and so forth). We are all connected at the heart.

Welcome to my family.


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